It's Been A While...


Long time no post. Oops.
Unfortunately, there hasn't really been much to post about. I'm still looking for a job, and work on Kat has slowed to a crawl while my partner finishes up his art overhaul. I've been messing about with a site redesign and a tower defence sideproject, but both are no where near complete enough to go in to details.

In other news, I have finished something pretty cool. As much as I love Unity, I've never been a fan of its inbuilt GUI creation tools. Both OnGUI and the GUITexture/GUIText methods have questionable performance on Android, and the workflow feels slow and tedious to me. So, being the masochist I am, I decided to ignore the existing 3rd party UI toolkits and make my own...

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First Draft Completed


The first draft of the portfolio is pretty much complete. Instead of doing the sensible thing and going to sleep and revisiting the site with a fresh mind, I did the opposite and stayed up all night getting the final pieces together.

Visually, I'm not particularly happy with it. I'll probably end up redoing some of the aesthetics when I have time. The important thing is that it works the way I wanted it to.

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First Post


Hi. If you're reading this, you've found my portfolio. Well, my future portfolio.

Most of the backend is done - I just have to duplicate the Games section, rename a few things and set up the tables in the database and the other sections will be ready to go. After that it's just a matter of writing the content, removing the placeholders and making a contact form. I'll probably end up doing some visual tweaks once everythings set up, but at the moment I'm just concerned about functionality.

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